Life in the village of Whitsome, Scottish Borders

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Are you cold? Then go to your Warm Space in Your Hall!

Are you cold in your house?  Your Village Hall is to be used as a Warm Space for you to make use of at any time during the day.  The small Meeting Room is yours for you to sit in, chat, read whatever you like, and we have provided a box of games for you to use if you wish.  Make use of the kitchen for beverages or heating up some soup etc.  You can use the Cafe area as well if it hasn’t been hired out.  We even have a shower in the accessible toilets!  Some of us used it during storm Arwen and it is great, just bring a towel. The hall is open during shop opening hours and if you want to use it outside of these hours then speak to Derek or Jane and we will let you have a hall key.  Please don’t sit shivering in your house.  The Ark is yours to use!