Life in the village of Whitsome, Scottish Borders

About the Community Council

Your local community council is Allanton, Edrom and Whitsome Community Council.

Community Councillors are elected every 4 years.  We have a total of 9 places on our CC.  At present there are 7 elected community councillors.

Community councils have a legal right to be consulted on important local issues, such as planning and licensing.  They’re also a way for local people to get things done in their area and make sure that the voices of local people are heard.  They’re a direct link between local people and public bodies such as the NHS and police and provide an opportunity to campaign on specific issues, run local events and support good causes.

Community councils are non political.

Community council activities

These include:-

  • Contacting relevant agencies to highlight issues brought to its attention.
  • Attend meetings with public officials.
  • Holding regular public meetings, usually alternating between Whitsome and Allanton Village Halls.
  • Seeing the community informed through public meetings, Facebook, this website and Whitsome’s newsletter ‘Reeds Well‘.
  • Respond on behalf of their community to Development Plans / planning applications / licensing issues etc.
  • Respond to proposals or consultation document issued by the Council and other agencies.
  • Meet with other community councils and local community groups as required.
  • Receive and respond to enquiries and issues raised by members of the public.
  • Arrange for public officials and others, to attend and address meetings of the community council on matters of interest.
  • Work with other community groups in the area such as the village halls, enhancement groups and the church.
  • Organize the annual services of Remembrance in Whitsome and Edrom.


To contact the community council, please email:

For more general information please refer to the Scottish Borders Council website.